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Sample discount codes

Sample discount codes

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Sample discount codes -

Occasional promotions are a great way to build brand loyalty and awareness. But if you overdo them, they can backfire. There are a few different types of email coupons. Would they like a discount when they make a purchase?

Or would they get more excited about free delivery? If you are not sure, you can test them! These are the most commonly used email coupon type. They allow your subscriber to pay a reduced price for your product, using a special link or code. Notice how the limited time offer creates a sense of urgency.

TIP: If you offer single-use email promo codes, avoid people signing up for the discount multiple times with disposable email addresses by filtering them out with the email list verification API.

Sign-up coupons are a great motivator for people to join your email list. Set up a form or pop-up on your website that promises a special discount or free delivery for the first order, then watch the subscribers come flooding in! This email sign-up coupon from No. If you want to build loyalty, reward your VIP customers with an extra sweetener like a free product or free sample coupon.

It is a great way to show your appreciation. A free coupon can be used as an incentive for people to spend more, such as in this special offer from The Body Shop, whose members will get a freebie when they spend £25 or more on their next order.

Free shipping after a certain price threshold is a popular buying incentive. It gives your customers an extra incentive to head on over to the checkout. Take a look at this coupon code idea by Esquire, which includes free delivery in its special offer.

If you want to make your email subscribers feel extra special, then why not offer them a VIP discount code for their next purchase? VIP loyalty programs can go a long way in ramping up those sales, especially as it gives your customers that feel-good factor, showing them how much you value them.

The coupon code example from Starbucks offers a free drink to its customers when they buy a qualifying item, giving them even more value for their money. If you want to boost your revenue even further, you can increase the discount in proportion to how much your customers spend—just like this Cyber Monday promotion from MeUndies.

When it comes to discount email subject lines, you need to write short, clickable copy that will make your subscribers want to open the newsletter right away!

Here are some examples and ideas to get you started…. It might be tempting to create a promotion and send it to everyone all at once, but the best practice is to make your email coupons as targeted as possible. You can segment your subscribers by factors such as their location, previous purchases or interests, which will then allow you to send more personalized promotions.

For example, you might want to send an email coupon specifically to new customers, or you might only want to offer free delivery in the US. With subscriber segmentation and groups , the possibilities are endless.

This list will update itself automatically, based on the rule. A group is not defined by a rule, and you can add and remove subscribers in the group however you like. Check out this article to learn more about using MailerLite segments and groups.

You want to write text that gets your audience all fired up, and the key to this is to create a sense of urgency. How would you explain your coupon to them? And finally, remember to check your coupon several times! To learn more, check out our ultimate guide on writing email marketing content.

Unfortunately yes, we do judge the book by its cover. Here are some design tips to create a showstopping email coupon:. Make the deal and the CTA call to action stand out: You have about 2. White space is your friend: Healthy spacing will make your coupon stand out even more.

A fresh pair of eyes will help you to spot anything you were missing before. For more inspiration, check out our article on newsletter design tips. This allows you to send two versions of the email coupon to a small sample of your subscribers.

The winning version we advise choosing this by the most clicks rather than the most opens will be sent to the rest of your email subscribers. Once you have your subscribers segmented and grouped, you can set up automated email coupons that will reach them at the perfect time. Email automations allow you to program when your emails are sent, based on different triggers e.

welcome emails, onboarding sequences, etc. You can use this to your advantage when sending email coupons. To learn more about setting up automated emails, check out this article on automation triggers. Feeling excited to launch your own email coupon into the world?

Sign up or log in to your MailerLite account. You can then edit the coupon settings in the right-hand column of your editor, including the headings, text and coupon code.

The days of newspaper coupons and collecting flyers are long gone, and email coupons are here to stay. Stay ahead of current email marketing trends by incorporating discounts and vouchers into your newsletters.

Your subscribers will be over the moon! Editor's note: This article was originally published in January It has now been updated with new insights and examples to help you create the ultimate email coupons!

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Best practices by industry Discover the best email marketing practices for your industry. By offering free shipping, you can give your customers an incentive to buy more and increase your sales, especially for your online store. Plus, free shipping can be applied any day of the year, making this an especially attractive coupon code idea for boosting sales.

It's a type of flash sale that's truly a flash—because customers can only get the discount if they purchase within the hour the deal goes live. Promoting a "Deal of the Hour" with advance notice or a countdown timer on a website can increase customer engagement and sales.

Product bundling discount codes can be a great way to add value to your customers while also growing profits. Bundling complementary products , such as clothing items or even platforms that come with add-ons, allows shoppers to buy several items in one purchase at a discounted rate.

You can also create exclusive discounts and coupon codes for people who are part of your customer loyalty program. This is not only a great way to reward loyalty customers but also get others to join your program too. If you market your customer loyalty program well, you can show potential customers that they get exclusive promotions and discounts just by being a member.

Business owners of all sizes can really make the most of this coupon marketing strategy since you can start with the customers you do have.

Percentage-off coupons are a great way to encourage customers to make larger purchases and spend more money in your store. This kind of sales promotion works by giving a discount to loyal customers only if they can complete a minimum order amount.

The Ultimate Guide to Psychological Pricing for Your Small Business. By offering a discount code to customers who purchase items before they become available, you can encourage shoppers to make their purchases while they still have the chance.

This not only increases sales, but also helps create excitement and anticipation for your product launch. You can also use this type of discount code to gauge customer demand for your product ideas, then get their input on how to make the product better when you launch.

If you want to pair your coupon marketing strategy with a sweet way to get customer feedback, then consider offering some feedback coupons to your customers.

How this works is you give your customers a coupon code in exchange for providing their feedback about your business. It's a win-win because you gain valuable insights while also encouraging customers to purchase your products or services in the future.

Remember, customers are taking time out of their busy days to give you valuable feedback. We alluded to this type of coupon code idea in the beginning of the article, but you can use partnership coupons to reach more potential buyers by leveraging someone else's audience, like in the case of influencer marketing.

This type of coupon involves partnering with another business, brand, or online content creator to offer exclusive discounts and promotions to their own customers. Other examples of partnerships could involve a collaboration between two complementary e-commerce stores, where each store offers promotional codes that customers can use when making purchases from either company.

Mystery coupons are a great way to drive more sales any day of the year—with a bit of fun sprinkled in for customers. With mystery coupons, your customers get discounts on their purchases without knowing how much they save before they check out. This element of surprise makes it ultra engaging, and this encourages shoppers to take advantage of the offer while also creating some excitement around your brand.

Here are 10 ideas for promoting your coupon codes so that customers don't miss out on the discounts and savings:. Email marketing is an effective way to offer coupon codes to customers.

It allows businesses to target their promotions to customers who are already interested in the product or service being offered. By creating personalized offers and discounts, businesses can encourage customers to take advantage of their coupon codes and drive more sales any day of the year.

Send an email marketing campaign announcing the coupon code and its details, such as how long it will be available, when it expires,. Social media is a great way to spread the word about your business's coupon codes and offers, which can help you drive more sales in any day of the year.

You can create posts and stories that highlight your current promotion, or even create an entire series of content dedicated to it. When you share your coupon codes on social media, you have a massive opportunity to reach more first-time customers. Want to dip your hand in paid marketing?

Consider running social media ads that share a discount coupon with first-time customers. Offering coupon codes as an exit-intent offer can be a great way to increase sales any day of the year. An exit-intent popup is a small window that appears when a customer is about to leave your website.

This can be used as the perfect opportunity to offer customers something special, especially like a coupon code, before they disappear from your online store forever. One of the most important parts to successfully using coupon codes in your online sales strategy is to, of course, make it easy for customers to find and use the promo codes you have.

If you use a powerful order taking platform like Cococart , customers will never miss the chance to put in a discount code from your brand. This is because promo code collection is an integral part of Cococart's checkout process—making sure you get better conversions from strategies like this.

Why wait? Start offering coupon codes today to drive more online sales and give your customers an incentive to shop more with you. With the right coupon code ideas, you can make it easier for customers to purchase from you, while also increasing your profits.

LOG IN. Sign in. What is coupon marketing? Create a simple, beautiful store in minutes.

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