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Fitness book giveaways

Fitness book giveaways

Her love for sports Fitneas Fitness book giveaways elementary Frozen food weekly deals and carried on Fitnesx her entire schooling, even into University where vook competed on the track-and-field and the cross country teams. Thank YOU Pam, really means a lot. This is a sponsored post for the authors of the book Fitness Confidential. Happy weekend, Morgan! Hmm, there are so many types of yoga out there.

Fitness book giveaways -

It comes out on Tuesday. You will love this book, and you will truly get a lot out of it. I know you will…. For Fitness Enthusiasts aka non-fitness professionals.

Buy 1 Copy and Get…. Any one of my eBooks for free, PLUS a surprise issue of The Chronicles of Strength Inner Circle Newsletter. This includes The 9-Minute Workout, The Metabolic Reset, The Birth of a Hero, and right on down the line….

A minute private coaching call with me. We will talk about your goals, and make a very specific plan on how you can reach them. Or we can talk about whatever you want, really….

It dumb anyhow. Email your receipt to ChristineMooney ChroniclesOfStrength. For Fitness Pros and Biz Owners. So check it out, I have some really kick-butt bonuses for any of you who own a facility, or are in the fitness biz.

All of these, I have made to be something that I think will be particularly helpful for you bring to 1 bring more value to your customers, and 2 bring more customers in. Well, I have some ideas for you. Buy 50 Copies and Get…. We can help you with just about anything marketing and business related—online, offline, publishing, whatever.

We can accomplish a heck of a lot in thirty minutes, too, so long as you come to the call knowing exactly what you want to get out of it.

I will come and run a workshop at your facility, help you promote it, and sign all the books for you. I have two one-day workshops that I run with Som.

One is on kettlebell mastery and metabolic conditioning, the other is on minimalist bodyweight strength training.

They are 8 hours each. This is a great profit opportunity for gym owners, as we will help you to run promotion, set price point, and fill the event. So please book this ASAP. NOTE: Host must cover any additional travel expenses, including airfare and lodging if necessary. This is first come first serve, so please book immediately and we can get it on the calendar for next year.

You come down to Exton, PA, and essentially live with us for a week. I promise you, if you want to get into this business online or off , or are already in this business and looking to expand, this will be an incredibly valuable experience for you. I will literally sign you over the deed to my soul.

But in all seriousness, if you order books, I will do something really special for you. Got Questions? I Got Answers Hopefully…. Paleo Workouts for Dummies Signed Copy Giveaway. I love you guys. Your support is tremendous, and my gratitude for that is something no combination of any words could ever hope to describe.

So as a small token of my thanks, and for all of your support, I want to give away 20 signed copies of Paleo Workouts for Dummies. Really, I wish I could give one away to all of my readers, but that would cause some serious financial hardship for the publisher, which is probably why they told me no.

I will select 20 winners, at random, on Tuesday Nov 19th. So the deadline is Monday the 18th at midnight. Looking forward to reading this book. I pre-ordered on Amazon. I know it will be fantastic. I am looking for the new book to give me some new ideas for strength training, metabolic conditioning and nutrition.

Saved me an hour that way in travel time. Your materials have given me the freeeeeeedom to do really efficient workouts with my Kbs in my cubicle or in the parking lot at my workplace. Crazy I know. But I have to be selective, short workouts are anathema to some people.

Otto, thank you. Your kind words, support, and recommendation means a great deal to me. Keep strong! And the best way to exercise on a strict paleo diet. Pat has the holy grail to losing weight and getting lean.

Clearly some communication lag between the publisher and myself…hmmm. How long ago did you receive it? Either way, I will be out that way. Stay tuned for event announcements here and on my Facebook page.

Thanks for the support, brother! I am completely digging the Met Reset and Paleo Cookbook for Dummies. I cannot wait to get the companion Paleo Workouts for Dummies because winter is upon us and I want to emerge from my cave a functionally strong and sufficiently buffed piece of man come spring!

Congrats Pat! Keep up the great work! I am personally more interested in your Kettlebell combinations than nutrition. My main point is that I would not normally show an interest in this kind of book. Good job and thanks! Glyn 🙂. So it should be right up your alley.

Thanks for all your support. I love the Dummies format and have been looking for a one-stop resource for an intense collection of kettebell workouts for quite some time. Pat is famous for his diabolically effective complexes and minimal workouts. I did the 9 minute workout this morning with a heavy one hand bell and could feel it all day.

And it only took 9 minutes! I always loved the Dummies format, too—until i had to write the Dummies format, ha. It was no easy task. But Wiley and makes beautiful books, so it was well worth it.

Editors, I guess, can do good after all…. There are a ridiculous number of complexes for you in this book. Always love your work, Pat, and this is just more of the same awesomeness! Looking forward to the book.

No kidding right?! Wild ride, no doubt, but loving every minute of it. Well, almost every minute of it… Thanks Tracy! I try to learn as much as I can from everywhere, plus I mostly do bodyweight based workouts.

This book seems like a win on both fronts. But, the content on the book is all mine. There are two full programs in this book, and then some specialized programs as well for various goals. Looking forward to everything! Seriously Pat, love everything you put out and love being an Inner Circle member.

Let me know if you have any events coming up in Cali and ill be there. Thanks for all you do! Went through a month of your 9 minute workout and want more. Pat is the best. Hey Anthony, I think this book will really help you to do just that.

I recommend starting with the Primal Quick Start program once you get it. I look forward to your success. I want to learn more about incorporating bodyweight exercises into a well rounded program for people with little free time and no access to much equipment.

and I want an excuse to come visit for the signing 🙂. I am going to use this book to further my knowledge in the painfully constructive art of the kettlebell and its transformational powers.

I have been following your blog for sometime now Pat and your material never fails to impress. Always insightful and informative, and has inspired me to start up my own blog to chronicle some of my ideas and findings on fitness, health and well-being.

Looking forward to this book and all of the secrets contained within. one year they took us to a campsite that unbeknownst to them was INFESTED with Raccoons, potentially rabid? haha and in the middle of the night we heard some growling and fighting sounds coming from outside the tent.

He was not successfull and we ended up having to call the park ranger to save the day. when my brother and I were little my dad would make up an adventure story to tell us every night at bed time. We were always the stars but he Would change our names. I remember he would always begin them the same way with us waking up on a sunny morning and eating big bowls of milk and blueberries on the porch.

Usually the main characters would have to accomplish some mission usually helping the elephants in africa fight against the evil lion kumba and his pack, haha.

Such a wonderful memory to look back on! I hope I can develop the same talent of story telling in the years to come for my little guy. I always remember our Easter egg hunts every year.

I would totally still search for eggs now if my parents hid eggs. I loved it! Scrap book would be perfect! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Join my newsletter to get your free day meal and fitness cheat sheet! Email Address Please enter a valid email address. Sign me up! Now check your email to confirm your subscription — thanks! This is exactly the baby book I had in mind: I ordered the book from Ruby Love on Etsy they also have a website and was able to pick out the cover fabric, color scheme and what features I wanted the book to include.

All of the basic info is there, plus unique questions for the parents to fill out the ability to attach photos with 24 photo-mounting sheets included Lots of room to write calendar pages with stickers for milestones and an entire back section of blank scrapbook pages. xoxo Gina Facebook.

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Giveaaways is a sponsored post for the authors of Fittness book Fitness Blok. Regardless, all opinions boook my own. With so many Frozen food weekly deals Fitnesss and exercise programs from which to Fitness book giveaways Sampling campaigns online can be quite confusing, if not downright scary, trying to find the one that works the best, the one that not only helps you lose those pounds, but helps you keep them off too, all without sacrificing your overall health. Enter Fitness Confidential written by Vinnie Tortorich and co-authored by Dean Lorey. Unlike anything you have read before, Fitness Confidential is not your typical diet and fitness book. Fitnses and fitness Fitness book giveaways a fast-growing industry that has become ggiveaways competitive. So, in one of Fithess Frozen food weekly deals competitive Economical meal options, how do you get noticed? How do you stand out above the rest? Why are some brands loved and others unknown? We put together 7 excellent Fitness Giveaway Ideas that will hopefully inspire your next giveaway. Host a gym giveaway to increase signups to your gym—an excellent strategy for new gyms looking to build its members early on. The goal of your giveaway should be to acquire new members.

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