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He is wont to be rather quick of temper when tired. moving with speed. occurring in a short time. lively, witty. Bulgarian: съобразителен bg sǎobrazitelen Danish: kvik , rap da Dutch: kwiek nl Finnish: sukkela fi , nokkela fi , terävä fi , nopeaälyinen fi Galician: rápido gl m , roudo m , lixeiro gl m , lampeiro m , andarengo m , vivo gl m German: scharfsinnig de Hungarian: élénk hu , eszes hu Irish: tráthúil , mear Italian: svelto it , lesto it Macedonian: жив m živ , би́стар m bístar Norwegian: kvikk Portuguese: rápido pt , ligeiro pt Romanian: vioi ro , vioaie , iute ro , sprinten ro Russian: прово́рный ru provórnyj Scottish Gaelic: grad Swedish: kvick sv , rapp sv.

mentally agile, perceptive. Bulgarian: находчив bg nahodčiv Danish: kvik , rap da Finnish: nopeaälyinen fi , nokkela fi , terävä fi Galician: rápido gl m , roudo m , lixeiro gl m , lampeiro m , andarengo m , vivo gl m Georgian: საზრიანი ka sazriani , მიხვედრილი mixvedrili , ალღოიანი alɣoiani German: schnell von Begriff Hungarian: friss hu Italian: agile it Korean: 빠르다 ko ppareuda Macedonian: би́стар m bístar , до́сетлив m dósetliv , остро́умен m ostróumen Norwegian: kvikk Portuguese: rápido pt , ligeiro pt Romanian: ager ro Russian: смышленый ru m smyšlenyj , сообразительный ru m soobrazitelʹnyj , доходчивый ru m doxodčivyj Swedish: kvick sv , rapp sv Walloon: sûti wa m , subtile.

easily aroused to anger. Finnish: äkkipikainen fi , äkkivihainen , äksy fi , äkäinen fi Hungarian: hirtelen hu , lobbanékony hu Russian: вспы́льчивый ru vspýlʹčivyj , темпераментный ru temperamentnyj Swedish: ilsk sv , ilsken sv , lättretlig sv. Bulgarian: течащ bg tečašt Finnish: virtaava fi , juokseva fi Swedish: kvick sv archaic.

burning, fiery. Finnish: herkästi syttyvä Romanian: înfocat ro , învăpăiat ro Swedish: kvick sv archaic. The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables.

See instructions at Wiktionary:Entry layout § Translations. Translations to be checked. Ido: please verify rapida io Interlingua: please verify rapide Irish: please verify abúil Italian: please verify svelto it , please verify rapido it Romanian: please verify rapid ro m , please verify iute ro Telugu: please verify త్వరగా te tvaragā.

Come here, quick! with speed. The spelling has been modernized. cut to the quick to the quick. sensitive flesh.

Bulgarian: живец bg m živec Catalan: carn viva f Dutch: levend vlees Finnish: ydin fi German: Nagelbett de n Irish: beo ga m Norwegian: Bokmål: kvik m Spanish: carne viva f Swedish: nagelbädd c Welsh: byw cy m. Wissen Sie, liebe Baronin, daß mich diese Afra… please add an English translation of this quotation.

please add an English translation of this quotation. Positive forms of quick. Comparative forms of quick. Superlative forms of quick. Quickborn quicklebendig.

erquicken keck Quecksilber. Hidden categories: Quotation templates to be cleaned Requests for date in English entries Cantonese terms with redundant transliterations Mandarin terms with redundant transliterations Requests for translations into Mongolian Urdu terms with redundant transliterations Requests for review of Ido translations Requests for review of Interlingua translations Requests for review of Irish translations Requests for review of Italian translations Requests for review of Romanian translations Requests for review of Telugu translations Requests for translations of German quotations.

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Create a book Download as PDF Printable version. er ist quick. sie ist quick. es ist quick. sie sind quick. der quicke. die quicke. das quicke. die quicken. des quicken. der quicken. dem quicken. den quicken.

ein quicker. eine quicke. ein quickes. keine quicken. eines quicken. einer quicken. keiner quicken. einem quicken. keinen quicken. einen quicken. er ist quicker. Try this one instead! Share your drawings.

You were asked to draw bicycle. You drew this, and the neural net didn't recognize it. You drew this, and the neural net recognized it. It also thought your drawing looked like these:. It thought your drawing looked more like these:.

Correct match. Please give us some feedback before playing the next round! only 4 quick questions. We are doing this survey to better understand your interaction with the system.

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